How to fix a sagging mattress: Tips and recommendations

A mattress that is losing its shape may be harmful to your sleeping as well as have a negative impact on your neck and back. If you feel that your mattress is getting sagging, don’t delay! Buy a new mattress one right away.

It’s normal for mattresses sag and to lose their shape in time. This is due to various fillings that change, and various other factors that can create stress on the mattress. There are solutions to the issue prior to buying new mattresses and methods how to fix a sagging mattress.

Causes of a sagging mattress

how to fix a sagging mattress. Causes

In reality, mattresses can begin to fall after frequent use. It is an inevitable part of the lifespan of your mattress. As you rest on the foam as they soften, they’ll eventually soften, and, as a result, you won’t be able to enjoy the same convenience as you did in the beginning days when it was first spotted within your bed.

We can conclude that the type of mattress affects its longevity and endurance.

Here are the most popular kinds of mattresses as well as the reasons they may slide in time.

Innerspring mattresses

The mattress is made of metal coils for its construction. They lose their stretch with time, and passes, the top layer becomes soft. These causes result in the mattress creaking and mattress sagging.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses look like conventional spring mattresses however they have the added benefit of foam that prevents sliding. The mattress can last for quite a while as the coils remain in good shape and will not change shape once the compressing mattress has decompressed.

Memory foam mattresses

The mattresses have the capability of returning to their original shape when it’s made from high-quality foam. However, a less expensive base mattress or memory foam mattress sagging can result in premature destruction.

As the mattress gets older, it may begin to lose its shape across different areas. What can you tell whether it is repairable or needs to be disposed of? Here are some suggestions that will aid you in determining the issue of a sagging memory foam mattress.

How to fix a sagging mattress. 6 Effective Methods

Method 1. Use a mattress topper over the existing mattress

Use a mattress topper over the existing mattress

Mattress toppers are things that can be put over an old mattress in order to offer additional relief from back pain in all the places where your body requires it.

Mattress toppers are available from manufacturers with a range of materials like latex, memory foam, feather, down, and wool. The typical size of the topper is between 2 and 5 inches. The benefit of this is that it will eliminate the mattress sagging, providing them with more thickness and softness, and making the surface level.

Be aware of this: the mattress topper isn’t a complete replacement for your mattress, it is not a replacement for it, but will help to extend the life of the mattress.

Method 2. Use a mattress helper

Use a mattress helper

It is possible to correct a mattress that is sagging by using a mattress helper. These devices are typically made of polyurethane. It works best when used in conjunction with spring blocks or a spring platform.

The mattress helper provides you with moderate to firm support, which eliminates the issue. Place the mattress onto the sagging area of the mattress and lie back.

It is crucial to be aware that these assisters are usually designed for one person, and should you have the size of a queen or king size mattress and share it with a friend or partner There will be two mattress helpers.

You must be aware that a few clients are complaining that their bed was unable to be lifted to the point at which it would be finished. It could be because the mattress is not firm enough and could not be addressed that way. In any case, Mattress Helper could be an excellent solution if your mattress is becoming sagging.

Method 3. Use a mattress helper and mattress topper at the same time

Use a mattress helper and mattress topper at the same time

It’s definitely more expensive, however for some, it might be the best option to get an entirely new mattress. By using a memory mattress topper, you will have the support your old mattress needs while enjoying the extra comfort of the top layer.

This will ensure that your mattress provides an appropriate alignment and support for your hips, shoulders, and all of the body. This will enable you to increase sleep quality, and peaceful sleep but will also ease the pain.

Method 4. Rotate your mattress.

Rotate your mattress.

It is recommended to rotate your mattress at least once every three months in order to keep it from sagging. Just turn the foot and head of the mattress. This can extend the life of your mattress so that it won’t require being replaced as frequently.

If you’re mattress sagging, don’t worry about the fact that rotating your mattress can help. If you turn your mattress, regions which were previously put under the greatest pressure cease to do the same. Additionally, the pressure you feel from your hips and shoulders will extend to other regions of your mattress that aren’t yet in a state of sagging.

Warning. Certain mattresses are not to be turned. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to doing this.

Method 5. Use additional cushions

Use additional cushions

In addition, you can utilize additional pillows to avoid mattress sagging. However, keep in mind that these are only temporary solutions to your sleeping.

Make use of additional pillows in the event that your mattress is sinking. If you place a pillow on your back legs and thighs you’ll get an ideal night’s sleep. Think about pillows that offer excellent shape retention.

A few manuals and websites advocate placing pillows directly under the mattress, but we strongly advise against this since it’s unlikely to offer better mattress support, however it could decrease the longevity of your mattress.

Method 6. Replace the bed sleep foundation or bed frame

Replace the bed sleep foundation

In many cases, the sleep foundation of your bed that supports your mattress could cause the mattress to sag, which is too late.

The slats may cause sagging in the mattress If they are too big and the area is most likely to suffer from this problem. Certain mattress manufacturers specify an appropriate distance between slats of the bed frame to prevent this.

The mattress might not be old enough to provide the right mattress foundation. A good bed frame could lead to the mattress sinking.

Method 7. Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Check the warranty. It’s possible that your manufacturer provided you with a warranty in the event that your mattress is sagging. If the warranty isn’t expired, the manufacturer will repair it without cost or exchange the mattress.


As you can see, you can fix a sagging mattress by not very expensive methods such as using pillows or a mattress helper, and more costly, like buying a topper and doing more even sleep surface.

But in any case, it should be understood that this is a temporary solution, and you still have to replace the old sagging mattress with a new one, albeit a little later.

Share your experience of how you dealt with a sagging mattress? Perhaps there are methods that we have not listed and our readers would be interested and useful to know exactly your way with this sleep problem. Have you bought a helper mattress or topper for this purpose, or have you simply put pillows under your hips and shoulders? Any feedback and comments would be welcome. Thank you for your attention.


Can I fix a sagging mattress with plywood?

You can really try to fix your sagging mattress with this method, but please note that it only works if there is a problem with the base and not the mattress itself.

How do I keep my new mattress from sagging?

Your new mattress should not sag. It is either a defect or a premature sagging of the mattress related to the bed base or the slats. If it is the former, contact the mattress manufacturer, they will most likely replace or repair it for free. If the second, you can use plywood as a temporary solution.

What causes the sagging of a mattress?

The main reasons are an improper use of the mattresses, poor bed base, repeatedly getting liquid on the mattress, and the age of the mattress.

What’s an easy fix for a sagging mattress besides getting a new one?

We hope you already got the answer to that question in the article. But again. Use your sagging mattresses mattress toppers or mattress helpers, invert the mattress, fix the bed base if necessary, use extra pillows under the shoulders and hips, and contact the manufacturer there is a high chance that you will be under warranty.

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