How to Fold Air Mattress: Step-by-Step

how to fold air mattress

The process of folding your air mattress isn’t a daunting task. It is possible to fold the air mattress by yourself, but as with all different things, it’s more convenient when you’re with a group. The first step is to let out all air, fold it several times, or roll it up.

If you’re doing it correctly enough, it might be able to fit into the box originally. There are additional steps to take into consideration in case you decide to fold the mattress before storing it away.

They claim that the ability to store an air mattress is among the greatest advantages of this kind. What’s the problem with not being sure how to fold the air mattress?
It’s not easy, is it? We get it that not everyone can be a DIY master. We’ve come up with an in-depth guide on folding an air bed.

The process begins by inflating the air mattress. How do you accomplish this?

Do you know how to deflate an air mattress properly?

For folding your air inside the mattress it is important to be able to first deflate it. We will look at the release air of the mattress. Deflation is the simplest part of the entire procedure. The majority of air beds come with two valves. Some may contain at least two valves. There is one to control inflation and another to deflate.

But, all you have to do is close the valves and let the air out by itself. Before deflating, check the steps below: Set the air mattress on a level surface, which assists in releasing air more effectively. Be sure your air mattress is not soiled, otherwise, the bedding could disrupt the proper deflation process. What happens if you have the Intex air mattress with an electric deflation system? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Prepare to fold and roll

After defeating all the air from the mattress, begin getting it ready to unfold and roll. The first step is to spread it all over the floor, in case you didn’t do it during deflating. Choose a surface free of sharp objects. Sharp objects can be a cause to harm your air mattress. There is no way that the patches kit can help and neither will the guarantee of the mattress.

Do not shoot yourself in the foot, wash the mattress thoroughly before spreading your mattress. After putting the deflated air bed on a clean and even surface, you’ll notice the uneven areas on the surface. It’s because of the air. In this case, you’ll have to work with your hands to smooth it flat. By using your hands, gently smooth out wrinkles.

Don’t skimp this step if your goal is to fold your mattress in a fashion that is professional. When using your hands, you should get rid of the jewelry pieces. Don’t wear clothing that has spikes, which could harm your mattress. Any kind of jewelry, as well as spikes in the fabric, can cause harm.

How to fold air mattress: Step-by-Step

Step 1. Deflate the Air Mattress

deflate an air mattress

The process of deflation is usually straightforward. First, place your mattress on an uncluttered surface (with no obstructions beneath it) and with no bedding placed on the top.

Most mattresses have a valve that is specifically designed to let too much air escape. Even if it does not, find and close the valve, and let the air mattress’s deflating begin.

If the mattress you are using has an electric pump that is able to deflate it, like the Intex air mattress. Intex air mattress pulls the power cord and plug it into the socket. On the dial for control, select deflation and start the pump. the mattress will begin to deflate. Once the mattress has completely deflated, switch off the pump. Then, you can adjust the control settings to inflation, so that you are in the right setting to go the following time. Remove the cord from the socket and place it back into the compartment for cords.

Step 2. Make the Mattress Set for Folding

put air mattress on surface

It’s important to remember that you’re working on a level surface, which is best laid on a floor clear of any sharp items. Take off any jewelry on your hands during your work.

If camping, find an open area and examine the flat surface. Take away any pinecones, pebbles, and branches. Ideally, place a huge plastic sheet over the ground to further safeguard the mattress. Be sure that there isn’t any dirt or dust on the mattress.

Okay, you’ve been able to get your airbag deflated air mattress. However, it’s not perfect. There’s a little air in the corners and in between. Make use of your hands to smooth out all wrinkles and smooth the flat surface so that there’s no air remaining.

Step 3. Fold up the Air Mattress

roll and air mattress

If you’d like to return the mattress. From the original box to the original package, it is important to keep track of the way the air mattress was packaged in the first place – was it simply folded, or was it folded? Actually, returning it to its method of packing will help keep your mattress in good condition for a long duration and will take up less space.

Fold and roll

A method of folding the mattress of an air bed is to cut it into two lengthwise. Check that all edges are in perfect alignment and then, after folding the mattress, flatten it yet again. Then, roll it up gently from one side over the other. Make sure that it’s firm.

Fold only

Start by folding the paper in half lengthwise, then flattening it before folding it in neat rectangles. It’s likely to take two folds.


The simplest method is to fold the mattress from one side to the other. You can then secure it using straps and then place it in the storage bag. It’s bulkier however it’s very easy to take it off and reuse.

How to store an air mattress correctly?

After folding and deflating your mattress, place the mattress in the storage bag. Most likely, you’ve received some sort of sack that is used to store your mattress and also as a bag to carry. If you don’t have one you can find a bag constructed of durable materials that will protect it effectively. It could be a sturdy plastic bag, like.

The wrap should be placed in the box from the beginning or in an extra-thick cardboard box and secured it using duct tape. Duct tape is also advisable to make use of a sturdy polymer storage box. This isn’t necessary when you plan to store it on a display in an area with a constant temperature.

However, it is recommended to not store the mattress on the floor in case there’s a chance of flooding, leaks, or if there’s a chance that someone will put other items over the mattress. It’s okay to place things on top of the mattress is stored air inside a solid container.

Keep it in a desirable location

Examine your storage area. It must not be damp or humid, as well as the temperatures shouldn’t change excessively. There are places that are prone to winter temperatures that range from 0 and summer temperatures of around 110 degrees. This could be too cold for an air mattress made of plastic-based substances like PVC and vinyl. So do not keep them in garages that have doors that aren’t in good condition or if you don’t want to damage your air mattress.

If you’ve made the decision to take the plunge, for storing mattresses without containers, set them away from sharp edges or objects that could cause damage to it. the item, but keep in mind that having no container is less secure.

The process of folding the mattress of air isn’t an art. First, you must deflate the mattress to an even, smooth surface by taking off a plug and opening the valve. Following that, clean the mattress for air by pushing air out and edging the mattress’s surface.

Fold the mattress. It is best to fold it exactly in the same way as the way it looked when you purchased it. Many could be cut in half and then rolled up, while others are folded to form squares. Or, you could simply fold it up if the mattress allows it. If you own the Intex Air mattress be sure that the plastic box that houses the electric components is located on the side of the mattress that is folded.


The mattress should be placed in a bag for transport or storage bag and placed in a secure container for storage or storage room. Most air mattresses are best kept in a dry space with some sort of temperature control.

Do this and your mattress will look as good as new and you’ll sleep in it like a baby for years to be!

The mattress should be placed in a carry bag or storage bag and then store in a secure storage container. Air mattresses or air beds are best kept in a dry area with some sort of temperature control.

Do this and your mattress will be as good as new, and you’ll be sleeping in it like a baby for years to take!


Do you fold your air mattress to make it suitable for storage?

The long sides should be folded in towards the center, creating three equal columns. Work slow to prevent harming the mattress when the air escapes. Place the mattress on the bottom or top and put it back into the container it came from or in a storage bag.

How do you keep a blow-up mattress?

The air mattress should be placed in an appropriate sturdy storage container to store it. Keep your mattress in a durable container made from thick cardboard or well-constructed plastic. If you can it is possible, to make sure that the container or box has a lid, so that the mattress that is airtight. Do not store your air mattress in the form of a bag made of plastic.

How do you seal the Intex inflatable mattress?

Turn the valve clockwise to close it following inflation.

How do I get my air mattress to be flat?

With your knees and hands, use your knees and hands to apply pressure on the bed, and then gently squeeze out the air. After about 10 minutes of continuous pressure, your bed should be flat enough for you to keep.

Does it harm to keep an air mattress uninflated?

Air mattresses can be inflated in just minutes when using batteries or electronic pumps, but they do take a long time to deflate. But, this could cause damage to the mattress. The air that is pushed out of the mattress can stretch the seams and can cause the seals of the mattress to break.

Can you keep an air mattress that is on?

Plug in to inflate the bed and leave it on if you would like the mattress to automatically adjust the firmness to the level you have selected. If you don’t wish to utilize this feature you can remove the bed after it has been fully inflated. Plug it in only when you need to top it off (add the air) or inflate.

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