How to Store a Mattress Topper: Tips and Recommendations

How to Store a Mattress Topper: Tips and Recommendations

Mattress toppers are extremely beneficial. One topper can transform your mattress into a brand new mattress. Mattress toppers are made to be placed on top of the old mattress, so that the mattress feels more firm more comfortable, more comfortable, and is more supportive of all the pressure points of the body.

But, here’s the issue the mattress toppers require to be removed and stored to ensure that they are fresh and last for a longer time. How do you keep the mattress topper in a manner that it doesn’t lose its shape and doesn’t get damaged during storage? In the next paragraphs, we’ll take a peek at some suggestions and tips for storing your mattress topper quickly and easily. So, let’s get started!

How to Store a Mattress Topper Step-by-Step

You’ll Need

  • Storage plastic bag (or vacuum-sealed bag)
  • Bag of additional protection (optional)
  • Ratchet straps (two ought to be sufficient)
  • The duct tape is heavy-duty and durable.
  • The vacuum cleaner (in the case of the vacuum-sealed bag)

1. Clean Your Mattress Topper

How to store a mattress topper. Vacuum the topper

Understanding how to put the bed topper inside a container is crucial for ensuring long-lasting satisfaction. The best method to ensure that the mattress is clean is to limit any possible damage caused by dirt, mold, or mildew. You shouldn’t make use of saran wrapping instead of a sealant job using a vacuum. If you’re keeping a topper for your memory foam mattress, or a latex topper in bags, it is important to be aware of how to store foam or latex toppers in bags that are vacuum-sealed.

Remove Bedding from Mattress Topper

Remove the sheets prior to placing the topper on the shelf The topper needs so that it is as air-conditioned as much as is possible. Make sure to take along any mattress protectors or sheets.

Vacuum Mattress Topper

It is recommended to clean your mattress with a cleaner. Utilize your vacuum’s attachment to get rid of any dirt, dust, or other unwanted items that may be hiding within your mattress topper.

Eliminate the Stains from Mattress Topper

If you find spots on your mattress, take the time to get rid of the stain before you do in case of bacteria develop while you store it.

Treatment the Odor

Mattress toppers often collect body odors following prolonged use. This is completely normal. We sweat all the time and release natural smells. Eliminating smells can make it easier to keep your topping fresh it is stored in its storage.

Baking soda is a naturally odor-absorbing material. You can sprinkle it on the mattress topper. If you have stains that are extremely difficult to remove the best method to get rid of them without chemicals is to create the paste using baking soda, water and rub gently over the surface.

Let it air dry

After treating your memory foam mattress topper with baking soda be sure to allow it to dry after you’ve applied any liquids. The product is folded or rolled up prior to drying can create a hotbed for bacteria, mold, and mildew that could end up ruining the product.

2. Get It Rolling

How to store a mattress topper. Roll the topper

After you’ve cleaned your mattress topper with a thorough clean It’s time to put it in a roll. By rolling the mattress topper you’ll ensure that it doesn’t take up a lot of space when being stored and won’t be created a situation, which could cause damage.

We don’t suggest folding the topper, as it is likely to change shape as it creases, forms creases, and even damages the foam. When you’ve rolled the topper, be sure that you secure the roll with one of the ratchet straps. Straps are an excellent way to ensure that the topper stays in the mattress bag even if you do not use duct tape or vacuum in a proper manner.

3. Place the topper in a storage bag

How to store a mattress topper. Put in the storage bag

Your mattress topper probably included an original bag to store it in however if you’ve lost the storage bag and you’re not sure where they are, you’ll be aware for the next time. If the mattress topper was packaged in a bag, take care to roll it up to ensure that there aren’t any wrinkles.

Certain products might not come with bags or you may have thrown away the bag because of the size. You can make use of a huge mattress bag made of plastic to shield the mattress from dirt and dust, and then wrap it in the ratchet straps.

4. Seal it or vacuum it on vacuum storage bag

Vacuum bag

Then, based on the type of storage container you’ve utilized in the previous step you’ll need to:

The storage bag should be sealed with strong-duty duct tape. Along with the ratchet straps, the duct tape will be able to keep the bag shut and the top layer rolled. Make sure to twist and roll open the top of your bag to create a tiny knot to apply the tape more quickly.

The storage container should be sealed with a vacuum when you’re using a bag sealed with a vacuum. It’s done by connecting the vacuum hose with the valve of the bag that is used for storage. The vacuum cleaner should be able to draw the air out of the bag and then close the valve. You could even close the bag with tape to keep any air from getting in.

5. Find a Space that is a Good Storage Space

Storage mattress topper

Spaces that are climate-controlled are great however, you may need to think of other ways for storage of foam toppers, however, you must be certain it’s a dry area. Attics and basements are typically filled with humid air, moisture as well as mildew and mold which could damage the quality of your foam.

Storage units that are climate-controlled can be used to store memory foam mattress toppers or latex mattress pads safely without causing mold or damaging negative effects. You can store your foam mattress topper in the closet of your bedroom or under your bed or in a hallway cupboard. Make sure you don’t fold your foam topper. Instead, place it up in a vacuum-seal container and then place it in a dry area.


The proper storage of your mattress topper or mattress pad will shield it from the effects of mold, mildew, as well as dreadful bugs. Make sure you roll the topper in a way to prevent creases from damaging the surface. Remember, when your topper has been damaged or ripped, you’ll have to replace it. If you sleep with worn-down toppers, it could cause a disruption to your rest. Therefore, it is recommended to treat the product with attention.

We hope that this article was useful for you and that after it you will not have any more questions about how to store a mattress topper or mattress pad. Share your opinion in the comments are these tips are useful for you?


When it’s time to purchase a new mattress topper?

Mattress toppers can last for 3-to-5 years. They’re not as long as regular mattresses because they’re extremely thin and intended to provide comfort, not much comfort or support. As time passes, it will get a little worn down. If your mattress protector has stopped bringing any value, it’s likely overdue for replacement. Odors are bound to accumulate on your mattress as well. After a certain time, it will become harder to eliminate the odors. If this happens you should purchase a new item.

How Long Do I Have to Keep My Mattress Topper stored?

Mattress toppers shouldn’t be kept in a long time. The longer they’re wrapped up, the greater chances that they’ll suffer from any kind of damage to the foam or be difficult to maintain unrolled. In light of these issues, it is recommended to take out your mattress topper at least every six months or once every year. If you don’t intend to use it, you can simply take it off and let it air out for a while, then revert to its normal unrolled state.

If you’re using an excellent mattress, you could remove it every year, as an example. They are more durable and durable, and they are less likely to form bumps or crevices when stored.

Can I Fold the Topper Instead of Rolling It Up?

Technically, it is possible to fold your mattress topper in half and keep it in that way. However, folding it will cause foam damage and create wrinkles on every place you fold it.

If the topper is going to remain folded for a long time for instance the foam will begin to fold and then become ineffective due to lumps, cracks, and general destruction. The best method to maintain the shape and the quality of the topper will be just rolling it. It will take up less space when it is rolled and it will last longer.

Can I have the option of storing the mattress topper in an attic?

While you may be able to keep your mattress topper in the attic, it’s not always the most ideal storage area. It is generally recommended to avoid storing your mattress in an attic or basement as these spaces are typically humid and damp. Most often warmer, humid environments are usually the cause of the growth of mold. It’s best to store the toppers in a dry, cool space like the closet in your bedroom.

Can I vacuum seal a memory foam mattress?

Utilizing a protective storage bag that is vacuum-sealed is among the most efficient methods to store a Memory foam mattress topper. These bags will assist in reducing space and also keeping dust and dirt mites away. Most of the time the mattress toppers are vacuum-sealed bags, which means you do not need to purchase this in a separate purchase.

Is it possible to put an extra mattress in the washing machine?

Memory foam is an extremely delicate structure, it shouldn’t be placed in the washer. Machines that wash it can harm structures of foam and tear it up when it gets wet. The best way for keeping your top tidy is to clean it and then spot treat any stains. Make use of baking soda with water in order to eliminate smells, as well as mild detergents to eliminate staining. This keeps your cake topper smelling fresh and clean.

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