How to Wash an Electric Blanket Easy: Tips and Guidnless

How to wash an electric blanket

The comfort of a warm electric blanket is something you can’t beat on a cold night. However, as with all bedding, electric blankets need to be cleaned from time to time. There are no complicated steps to cleaning them. The process is very simple and does not require expensive trips to the dry cleaner. Dry cleaning can cause damage and irreparable harm to wiring, insulation, and heating elements.

Can you wash an electric Can you wash an electric blanket? Most cases, the answer to this question is “yes”.

Even though older electric blanket should be washed hand-washed, many new models can just as easily be washed in the washing machine. Take extra care when washing electric blankets to ensure they are in good working order. Inflicting excessive pressure on the heating elements and wiring can result in damage.

Spot Treatment

How To Wash An Electric Blanket

You are lying on your back, wrapped up in an electric blanket and enjoying a warm beverage. Рowever, you spill it and a stain is formed. This is easy steps how to get rid of a stain on a specific area without having to wash your blanket.


– Butter knife (optional)

– Soft white towels (2)

– Lukewarm water

– Mild fabric soap


Before you tackle the stain, unplug the electric blanket. After it is turned off, use your fingers or a butter knife to gently remove any excess material.


Add a small amount of detergent to a clean white cloth. Use the detergent to rub the stain onto the cloth. Rinse it off after you have removed stain much as you can.


To remove detergent, soak a second towel in lukewarm water. Then rub the cloth gently on the area. Continue this process until all the detergent is gone.


Before you use the electric blanket again, lay it flat. To avoid damaging or pinching the internal wires, do not fold or twist the blanket.

Machine Washing & Drying

How To Wash An Electric Blanket

If you need to clean more than a stain from your electric blanket, or if it is not in good condition, you can use the washing machine/dryer. Use the coolest setting possible and only for short periods to ensure the wires remain intact.

Are your blankets too large for machine wash? Do not take it to the laundromat as they can overheat and go bad. Instead, read this article to learn how you can washing your electric blanket yourself.


– Washing Machine

– Dryer

– Mild laundry detergent

– Drying rack


Before cBefore cleaning by machine wash, disconnect power cord.

Someone removing cords from an electric blanket

The control cord for your electric blanket is a wire that connects to a wall plug. Before you take the cord out, turn off the cord and unplug. The control cord must not be immersed in water.

Before you clean the blanket check to ensure that all wire heating elements are properly positioned. Also, that they no blanket fabric has been damaged by them.

Discontinue using the blanket once the wire heating element is worn through the fabric at any point or the connection points between the blankets and the control cord are damaged.

An older blanket may have a power cord that cannot be detached. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Instead, hand washing your electric blanket with care, taking special care to not let the control cord get wet.


Put the blanket into the washer. Add detergent to the tub and rinse with cold water. Before you run a wash cycle, allow the blanket to soak for 10 mins so that detergent and water can fully penetrate the fabric.

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After the 10 minute period, choose either the delicate or gentle wash cycle and let the spin dry.

washing mashine


Place the blanket in the dryer, and choose the coolest setting. Allow the blanket to tumble dry gently for 10 minute. Be sure to monitor the machine so that blanket doesn’t get too warm.

a dryer


Remove the blanket of the water and allowed to dry before hanging. Avoid folding the blanket over clotheslines and don’t use clothespins. They can pinch and damage the wires. Instead, spread the blanket out on a drying rack.

A blanket on a drying rack

Hand Washing & Drying

How To Wash An Electric Blanket

If you don’t have a washer/dryer at home, it’s fine. Here are the next steps how to wash an electric blanket by hands.


– Large plastic container

– Mild laundry detergent

– Drying rack


Following the manufacturer’s instructions, disconnect the electric blanket.

Someone removing cords from an electric blanket


Put the blanket in a plastic container or tub and add mild detergent. Fill it with cool water. Let it soak for around 30 minutes, shaking the water occasionally.

foamy handwashing


Drain the tub. Use a towel to remove excess water.


The blanket is completely ready for air dry. It is best to not fold it on top of a clothesline. You don’t want your blanket soaked in water or to suffer real damage from being snipped with a clothespin.

How to Prevent Damage to Your Electric Blanket

Someone disconnecting cords from an electric blanket

Do NOT dry clean your electric blanket. 

This is incorrect. You should avoid dry cleaning your blanket. The chemicals in dry cleaning can cause damage to insulation surrounding the blanket’s heating elements.

Avoid ironing an electric blanket.

Keep your blanket clean and as well-maintained as possible. You should not iron your blanket as it can easily cause damage to the blanket’s insulation.

After drying and washing, inspect the blanket.

If the blanket’s heating wires get damaged or become dislocated during washing, you should immediately stop using them. The best thing to do is not use your blanket if it appears to be in poor condition. 

Holding the blanket between yourself and a brightly lit source can help you check that all the wires are aligned. All wires should be evenly spaced. They must not overlap.

Care at the Laundromat. Many manufacturers will advise you not to dry your blanket on a commercial dryer like those found at the Laundromat. This is because commercial dryers can get high heat and may cause damage to your blanket. Commercial dryers are safe if you use the lowest heat setting possible and keep your blanket from drying out too much.

How to store an electric blanket

Someone rolling an electric blanket

When the weather is warm electric blankets and heated pads are stored away. But with the onset of cold weather, we again get them for use. This checklist will help you ensure that your blankets are ready for the first cold snap.

Look for loose wires, tears, or scorching.

After unplugging all controls from the blanket, wall, and ceiling, inspect for exposed wiring, scorched or rips, cracks, or other damage. You should determine if repairs are possible or if the blanket needs to be replaced.

Keep the clean blanket in its dry place temperature-controlled area that is rodent- and insect-free.

Before storing, make sure the blanket is completely dry. You should inspect the power cord and control cord for cracks or darkened areas. These should be reported to the manufacturer and replaced.

Roll a blanket, but don’t fold.

After the blanket has dried completely, gently roll it or the pad. Do not make sharp, rigid folds as they can damage the inner wires.

Keep the cords and controls safe.

Unplug the cords and controls from the blanket/pad. You should loosely coil the cords without crimping or pinching them. To prevent dust from settling, place the bedding and cords together in a soft plastic bag.

How often shoul you wash your electric blanket?

Now that you know few methods of washing an electric blanket you have a question. How often I should to wash it?

In terms of frequency, you should wash your blanket at least once every couple of weeks for the most ideal purity.

If you own an electric blanket that can be machine washed and you wash it once every couple of weeks is the most sensible option.

Be sure to alternate between air dry and tumble dry to ensure your blanket’s inner connections in good shape.

Tips for Washing an Electric Blanket

1. If the washer has a small enough area to accommodate the blanket, it can be hand washed in a bathtub. Use cold water with a bit of detergent and gentle squeezing. You shouldn’t squeeze the pad or blanket.

2. The heated mattress pads and electric blankets should not be dried cleaned. The wire insulation could be damaged by chemicals used.

3. Avoid placing electric bedding in dryers that are very hot. They can damage wiring.

4. Modern electric blankets may be washed since the heating element itself is protected with fireproof and waterproof insulation. However you should still treat it with TLC (don’t crush it) in order for the heating grid to remain intact.


Now that your electric blanket was washed safely and effectively, don’t hesitate to use it. Instead, take the time to enjoy the warm weight of this marvellous invention.

Blankets may be costly, but they are good investments. When you feel the warmth and weight of it, your mind will relax. It will take you back to your childhood. Your body relaxes more when heat seeps into the skin and then into the muscles. A blanket with an electric heating element can be helpful if you have chronic pain or are constantly feeling numb.

Maybe you have a safer way of washing blankets. Perhaps you have a favorite brand of laundry detergent for blankets. Maybe this tutorial might be helpful to your friends. Feel free to share the information with them, or comment in this section with your opinions.


Is it possible to wash an electric blankets?

Of course you can! Almost all modern electric blankets are washable. But the cleaning process will vary depending on which blanket you have and what year it was made. Check the blanket’s manufacturer’s labels and any other information (like the instruction booklet that you kept in a safe place). You should follow the washing instructions if they are given. However, if not, we can help you!

Is it possible to wash an electric blanket into the washer?

First, unplug the blanket and disconnect it from any electrical or power source. You can load it as long as machine washing is indicated on the manufacturer’s labels. You should check that the blanket fits in your washer.

Use mild detergent and set your washing machine to either the gentle cycle or delicate cycle. You could just let the machine run or use a detergent and water mixture. However, some experts recommend soaking the blanket for at least 15 minutes. Turn the machine off when it is full. After that, let the blanket soak in the soapy water for 15 minutes. Finish with a rinse and spin cycle.

Is it possible to put an electric blanket in the dryer?

Yes, you can! You can! Just make sure you set the dryer on low heat and set a timer for between 10 and 15 minutes. Next, hang the blanket on a clothesline or drying rack to dry. Make sure to evenly spread the blanket and inspect for any loose wiring or other issues that might have occurred during cleaning. If your dryer doesn’t have a low heat setting you can hang-dry the blanket right away! Because the blanket’s electrical wiring can be damaged by high temperatures.

Can an electric blanket be dried cleaned?

This is an unwise choice. Dry cleaning uses chemicals that can cause damage to the blanket’s wiring or heating system. It’s best not to dry clean, despite the convenience!

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