How to Store a Mattress Topper: Tips and Recommendations


Mattress toppers are extremely beneficial. One topper can transform your mattress into a brand new mattress. Mattress toppers are made to be placed on top of the old mattress, so that the mattress feels more firm more comfortable, more comfortable, and is more supportive of all the pressure points of the body. But, here’s the issue the … Read more

How to clean memory foam mattress: Tips and Recommendations

how to clean memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are constructed of petroleum-based substances that provide them with contouring, supportive and pressure-relieving properties. While these mattresses help you sleep soundly, however, they will quickly lose their comfort and support when they are not properly maintained. Memory foam is distinct from the other mattresses. The polyurethane foam wicks away sweat, dead skin, … Read more

The Best Wool Mattress Topper: Reviews and Buyer’S Guide 2022

the best wool mattress topper

The term “mattress topper” is a reference to individual layers of bedding materials which can be put on mattresses to increase firmness or provide cushioning for those who sleep. Toppers are ideal for people who find your mattress too firm or soft or too firm, and also for those who want to improve the size … Read more

Microfiber Sheets Pros and Cons: Are the Microfiber Sheets Good?

Microfiber pros and cons. Cotton and microfiber

There are so many options for bed sheets, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. The fabric plays a major role in determining the quality of sheets. There are many fabrics available – silk, bamboo, microfiber, and cotton. Each fabric has its pros and cons. We’re here to explain what microfiber sheets … Read more

The Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers: Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide 2022

mattress topper side sleepers

If you’re looking for a mattress protector It’s crucial to think about the position you sleep in. The best mattress protector for those who sleep sideways isn’t the same as one for those who sleep on their backs or stomach sleeper. In reality, side sleepers suffer from different pressure points because of the shape of the … Read more

How to Wash a Wool Blanket: Can you wash 100% wool?

How to wash heavily soiled wool blankets

Wool is strong, long-lasting naturally flame retardant, and hypoallergenic. Wool’s care is more complex than the easy-to-clean textiles, and the knowledge of the natural fibers is only to those who have an elevated taste. Wool blankets are ideal to snuggle up on your couch or to make your bedroom comfier. Due to its unique natural fiber … Read more